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Hydroponics+ Workshops


Hydroponics is the process used to grow plants without soil and literally means “working water.” 


Anybody can grow plants in soil with reasonable success but to grow plants in hydroponics, you must understand how the plant grows, so that you can control the light and temperature, water, oxygen and nutrients in the root zone. These elements are all vital for the health and growth of plants growing in a hydroponic system.  An art context is also explored in realation to hydrophonic soundscapes and community formation. With the vulnerabilities of representative democracy more apparent and higher education unable to create discourse separate from both mainstream politics and the market, activism is becoming more present in artistic practice.


Hydropoic Workshops create onsite community gardens that can occur anywhere.  These hands on activities develop a solid foundation in the principles of soil-less plant cultivation, the basic principles of creating and maintaining a home hydroponics system, and instills a sense of citizenship and self reliance.  

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