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Upcycled Arduino Couple

Undoings: A Series of Remote Controlled & Obstacle Avoidance Bots

Programed and remote-controlled two-wheel Arduino robots. Blending new technology with hand-built and found ceramics, these works can be taken into public space and handed over for others to drive and spin creating opportunities for social engagement. Works also can rest stationary on a pedestal or shelf.

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Undoings #5 & #8

^2 hand-built and found ceramics with sculptural glazes.  11" h

Arduino Figurine Waltz

Arduino Porcelain Figurines Created during a CRETA Rome Residency in Rome, Italy. Inspired by Rome’s collision of the eternal and contemporary, found porcelain figurines are recontextualized and refashioned. As a result, their superficial nature is obscured. Placed onto remote-controlled Arduino platforms and driven in the street gives the figurines life beyond their mass-produced, static origins and reinserts them into the life of the city.


Special Thanks to the Piano Society for the use of Fredrick Chopin's Waltz in E-flat major recorded by Vetter, H.

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