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Genetic modifications excite the imagination.  It is wondrous that scientists can create entirely new species by mixing and matching existing genetic material. Genetic engineering is a technology that ignores fundamental genetic barriers not only between like species but also between humans, animals, plants, bacteria, and viruses. By combining the genes of unrelated species and permanently altering their genetic codes, unique organisms are created and pass these genetic changes onto their offspring. Scientists are now inserting, recombining, rearranging, and programming genetic material. Animal genes and even human genes are now being inserted into plants and animals to create entirely novel species, and the economic incentives are impossible to resist. More than 98 patents are pending for transgenic animals, and some 6000 are pending for genetically engineered plant and animal microorganisms. Soon the biotech industry will be creating tens of thousands of GM organisms over the next few years. PlantBot Genetics Inc is at the forefront of development.

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