What is Plantbot Genetics?

PlantBot Genetics is a parody of the Monsanto Corporation and other Biotech Firms who skillfully manipulate current food production and distribution systems. Co-founders Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki satirically look at the possible evolution of plant species through modern agricultural practices and share current scientific knowledge on the environmental and social costs of bioengineered crops. Genetically modified food technology is so new and untested that we have no idea what long term effects it will have on those who consume it, the lands on which it is grown, and what wide-ranging environmental impact that may occur.  Through humorous street interventions with robot plant hybrids like Monsantra, named after the Monsanto Corporation, one of the largest suppliers and producers of genetically modified seed, we aim to begin conversations about food issues.  Like B-movie Godzillas, "PlantBots" are a hybrid of imagination possibility and reality, encouraging communities to see their environments in a new way.  GM plants are grafted onto robotic and remote-controlled bases to become an organism with no clear heritage and no clear future. Our poetic GM plant robot hybrids beg the question, what will it all become?  See more at www.monsantra.com