Ecological issues are linked to a diverse array of creative operations and tactics in order to extend the “knowledge of the moment”, demonstrate the fragile connection between the natural world and personal action, and offer simple, positive changes that can be enacted to increase sustainability -- an activity that can be replicated long after the artist has moved on

Horticultural based installations, interventions, and performance foster discussion and generate action in the area of ecological awareness. Whimsically functional yet serious hydroponic plant growth systems, off-grid garden machines, botanic enhancements, and portable fields encourage social responsibility and civic engagement. Realizing my work is directly linked to the community, rigorous yet poetic projects are designed to include the local citizenry. Although the consequences of inefficient and excessive consumption are now being realized worldwide, the regenerative combination of art, agriculture, community, and sustainable power technologies can foster discussions that promote a more accountable use of our limited natural resources. 

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