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PlantBot Interventions & Workshops


We no longer know the true price of our food. Our food distribution systems are so muddled and complex that it is unrealistic to ask consumers to make responsible choices based on the knowledge at hand. To encourage people in thinking about their food, where it comes from and where it may be going, we take our robotic plants to the street. The goal is to get people to question the food they eat and how it arrives to the dinnerplate in an entertaining and creative way.  PlantBot Gentetics considers workshops a form of performance-based research often conducted in settings outside the usual art world environs. Having an out of gallery art experience can be more memorable and speak to a much wider audience. Our street tactics bring art and education into a community despite the level of support for healthy food or art culture in that particular location.

Communities  participate in workshops that often cumulate in a public presentation or site specific intervention. PlantBot workshop participants hack recycled electronics and turn them into a PlantBots that correspond to the local environment. Once the PlantBot and its history/mythology is created,  participants don a lab coat and take it to the streets. The newly created PlantBots are released to generate discussion, specticle, and communal action, this is the PlantBot Invasion!

Images on right represent several  various  PlantBot workshops and interventions in partnership with various communitys.  


Contact Jschmuki(at) or wdeschene(at) to arrange a workshop with your community.

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