Not Far Into the Future...


The year is 2045. Failure to control unbridled consumption, resource depletion, insensitive development, and booming human numbers have undermined the environmental resource base resulting in food and energy shortages. Radical changes in sustainable food and energy production are undertaken in urban centers worldwide. New designs, technologies, and social innovations are developed. Innovative tools, models, and ideas centering on a more socially just and sustainable production become necessary for the health of society.

2045 is not that far into the future. Knowing we are headed down that path, how can we creativity strengthen communities and nurture innovative approaches through art now in 2019?

Sustainability, the marginalization of nature in city life, and confrontations between natural systems and the built environment must be addressed. I am interested in using existing areas and creating disruptions by placing horticulture and alternative power in unexpected locations. These indoor/outdoor works create temporary green spaces that require care and supervision from the community. Such works demonstrate that nature can take on a new role in affording people an opportunity to engage in a constructive solution to sustainability, one that leads to consensus building and empowerment.