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 Green Line: A Community Project by Jeff Schmuki and sponsored by the Galesburg Civic Art Center.


New patterns emerge between people place, memory, and future. Those taking part claim a new use of space through the delineation of a green line. The destination is the vacant lot where the old department store burnt down a few years ago. Today, there is debate over its future use and the community is concerned. Will it become a parking space or a parking lot?   This  Community Project by Resident Artist Jeff Schmuki  was sponsored by the Galesburg Civic Art Center in 2009


Green Line: Moving Forward offers a metaphor for the empowerment of the people’s desires for a greater quality of life in this town. A green space/parks movement is but one example of how this can be framed. The purpose of this project is to create a discussion over what might best serve the community in the city planning and development. By working together through community engagement, a more enriched conversation regarding potential solutions to common problems can be explored.  Community members are invited to use numerous wheat grass blocks to reclaim parts of their town for responsible use. Beginning from the Box Studio, a green line is drawn by laying each green brick one in front of the other. Expanding and moving forward, the green line is people powered. It follows the sidewalk, crosses streets, and runs through various parking lots. The path lingers and flows all within the vision of the people engaged in moving it forward.

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