Homestead II

mixed materials, herbs and veggies, step-by-step hydroponic plans.

variable sounds from a hydrophone counter the slow even growth of the plants.

One of the first places where folks notice the impact of climate change is in their own gardens and backyards, their most common point of intersection with the natural world. For many, the costs and disruptions of mobility have become too much to bear. Value must be shifted closer to home creating re-investment in the local community. In the near future, economics will become more place-based and this will aid the re-establishment of more locally-based food systems. 
In the more recent past, many grew their own food in the Victory Garden as seen in the great depression and WWII. However, Victory Gardens have been around for quite a long time. The term dates back to a book entitled "Victory Garden" that was written in 1603 by Englishman Richard Gardner in response to concerns of a Spanish invasion. He believed cities under siege would need gardens to provide for the citizenry and considered gardening a civic duty.